Katie Price is Pregnant With Her fourth child!!

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Katie!! Do You have  ”Something to tell us ? Miss Pricey poses with a very bloated bump during  her night in with her on/off boyfriend Leandro….Miss Pricey? Posed to show of her Huge Baby Bump…The Glamour Model is believed to be in her first trimester  and this will be her fourth child !!…

katie price's growing baby bump!!

Katie Price  was pictured leaving a London club with her ex-boyfriend Leandro Penna last night and the two have been secretly seeing each other for  a while now  and Sources  say ” Katie is pregnant and she currently mocking her twitter fans  by posting her real baby bump as  a bloated tummy.

Miss pricey caught red handed with her Ex !!

Everyone is wondering who is the Daddy!! Romour has it : That katie is once again dating her on and off boyfriend Leandro Penna who is believed to have fathered her fourth Child!!
Days later they were spotted sneaking out of a luxurious spa after spending the day there.

The pair reportedly broke up over the phone late last year, with a source telling the Tabloids at the time: ‘Katie knew in her heart that it was coming.’She’s being very adult about the split and says she didn’t see it as a long-term relationship that would lead to marriage and kids.

Loving: The pair's messages to each other ON TWITTER!!

The very public reality star has stopped short of confirming she is back with the Argentinian toyboy, Price has been seen out in public with Leandro on a number of occasions and has sent gushing tweets to him.Katie tweeted: ‘Omg @leandro__penna and @abbi1985 and myself have pigged out on junk food tonight hahahaha lol.’Penna wrote to his former girlfriend earlier this month: ‘Your (sic) my perfect princess xx.’
In response Katie wrote, ‘you are so gorgeous my perfect prince xx.’


Well done! Katie's on/off boyfriend Leandro Penna was spotted planting a kiss on the glamour model's lips after her efforts of running the marathon !!!

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  1. Kirsty says:

    Maybe it’s just an old photo! Leave her alone for goodness sake! She’s Human! Get off her case! Shes mocking you idiots not her fans!

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