About Us


What is this Celebdelacream you may ask ?


Well to tell you simply it is a vibrant online fashion and beauty magazine a place for you,
a place where you can find latest style and beauty tips. From the ‘High street’ to Paris and
the Big apple for all the women alike covering the ‘hottest and latest’ while being close and personal with on the street styles and trends.

With You and Our readers in mind. You can rub shoulders with celebrity styles and with a bit of our help steal that look for less. We are also committed to bring you some of the greatest offers out there should you wish to go against your boyfriend/husband wishes and expand your ever growing collection of shoes ?! 🙂

Staying close to heart of what it means to be Beautiful and still remaining personal we have
established reputation and reliability to go head to head with leading fashion publications
and trend setters.

Thank you for stopping by.

Mary @ Celeb De’la Cream Magazine