Kris Jenner flashes Her Saggy Bottom In a Tiny dress. It’s a Pity Joan Rivers Is dead.

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Sep 11th, 2014

22011c86cc026935_holiday_clutchesWelcome to Keeping up with the tacky Kardashians: Kris Jenner flashes her wrinkle bum in  the alleged wardrobe malfunction that happened when the 58-year-old, Kris Jenner was trying to keep up with her daughter, Kendall 18 , at the ‘V Magazine’ party. Honestly, It’s a pity Joan rivers is dead, she could have reprimanded the  60 58-year-old Kris for Always trying to competing with her daughters. Time to grow up Kris and be a mom.

  • Whoopsie! sorry mummy’ you are  just to old to be behaving like a teenager . Get some class and put on some decent clothes. Saggy bum Alert and viewer discretion advised

The 58-year-old threw her arms around Miley Cyrus’ mum Tish, but her dress went with her, exposing more than a bit of her bare and saggy bum.

  • Let the battle commence. From the look of things Kendall’s tiny dress wins the battles for who looks hotter in the raunchiest outfit of the night. Kendall kept her sleek hair loose, and teetered in on some simple black stilettos .

Kris Jenner was attending a NYFW party, hosted by Victoria’s Secret, to support her 18-year-old daughter, Kendall Jenner!.. In the fashion Faceoff Kris arrived at the party wearing a gold filigree embroidered mini dress that had long sleeves but a thigh skimming hem. Her dress featured fun pockets in the front, and she finishes off her look with a tiny woven gold clutch. Both the Jenner showed of plenty of skin, but Kris had a total saggy butt flash..
Kendall-Jenner Kris-Jenner-MAIN
Let’s face it, nothing can shock us after seeing those  snaps, we all know everything the Kardashian do is for the cameras and publicity. What do you think of  Kris’ revealing snaps. Comment Below..

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