TheNiveNulls: Life After The Cheating Scandal 凸 Finger That Divorce.

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Apr 5th, 2016

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THE NIVE NULLS CHEATING DRAMA: Austin Null CHEATS on wife, and it’s no wonder  britts is having a breakdown, THE NIVE NULLS SCANDAL, was like a soap opera and  Austin Null’s Leaked Cheating Videos and Photos, were spicy to watch. Better than their  daily vlogs ..

  • Well enough with throwing shade we need to talk, this post was a requested topic on YouTube Vloggers_Exposed as The NiveNulls’s  Leaked Pictures, Lies and  Alibis  saga continues.

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First of all I don’t blame Brittany for standing by her man. The woman has three children with this weirdo and yes as a woman I feel bad for Brittany and I pray that she gets through this without losing her damn mind..

On the other hand all Brittany is doing is setting a bad example for Audri her daughter.

  • she is kind of   telling Audri, “Oh it’s okay if  your boyfriend or husband cheats, it’s okay for them to jack-off all over the house and send another woman your income taking food out of your children’s mouth (it’s okay) if your husband embarrasses your family and has his dinky_winky all over the internet shooting out  yucky milk, and digging into  his b u t t’ hole, it’s okay Audri, just forgive him, because “Jesus” forgives him, just stand by your man like I did with your father..Bollocks!

YAVbZZa (1)
It’s no-wonder most of their subscribers think ”Austin nulls doesn’t need therapy, but rather a whooping or divorce papers. I’m just saying. He really tried it with his wife and i know it’s rough! to dump your husband of 12 years but I wish she could ”kick that Ass Hole to the curb”..The fact that he was ready to cheat on Britt in real life, by meeting up with this side chick in LA is what pushed me over the edge.

  • This crap of  a husband even  spent $700 of their money on a mistress? who does that? clearly Austin   is a hot mess and if Britt doesn’t leave him,the  she’s weak As Fu#k_Beep!

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It seems Marriage means nothing to her. If My husband wants to spend $100 on another women then bye bitch. After watching those videos and seeing the pictures. I’m speechless. If that was my husband he would be kicking rocks period christian or not.
Everyone makes mistakes and are forgiven for them but there are some things you draw the line at. I can’t look or think of Austin the same because every time I see his face all I see is those pictures and videos.I feel so sorry for Brittany for having to go through this and still having to deal with it at every turn for the rest of their lives Don’t blame him alone. It’s KARMA.

  • Brittany admitted that when she got with Austin, he  had a girlfriend but she got with him anyway behind the gf’s back. She said this out of  her own mouth..It’s no wonder she forgave him..

Clearly Austin has a problem with fidelity and Britt allows it. she’s CHOOSING to be in this Man because she has no choice and It’s just awkward, because many of their viewers look up to them. They were my inspiration! Now not so much. Sad-face!

  • Austin is one of those Christians that are full of it and use Jesus to cover the dirt secrets and this is the shit I don’t entertain! it’s like a priest raping a little boy and saying the devil caused him to sin .Wtf?!

You KNOW better!Austin Nulls .Here are  My Final  Thoughts the  Leaked Cheating Videos and Photos: I’m almost convinced that he has repressed homosexual desires.Otherwise, Who sends these sorts of videos to a woman? especially the one where he is fingering his ass?..Honestly  this is what happens when people try to hide their sexual desires in the name of God. You are welcome to share your views..

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