Trisha Paytas Exposes Her Drug Addiction and Confessed, She is Hooked on Prescription Drugs.

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Apr 30th, 2016

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Trisha Exposes Her Drug Addiction and Says” She did Crack and Abused Prescription Drugs. It seems Prince’s tragic death sparked a conversation with ”Top You-tuber ” Trisha Paytas who just recently opened up about her personal struggles with her many addiction including taking Percocet. Here is what I personally, think about Trisha opening up about her drug addictions.
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The Legendary singer was found dead of an apparent drug overdose and multiple sources told us, Prince was rushed to a hospital and doctors gave him a “save shot”..Typically administered to counteract the effects of an opiate and what surprised a lot of fans was that No one knew Prince was battling with Any addictions.

  • Rumour Has It:  Prince struggled with prescription drug abuse but Remained sober most of   his life Unfortunately, Prince’s Death speculates that the legendary singer was battling with drug abuse of prescription pills mostly Percocet and their is speculation alleging that Prince Died of Aids. After refusing to take his medication because of his religion.

Trisha paytas , who refuses to go to rehab for her many addictions also spoke out about her struggles with prescription pills” shortly after hearing of  prince’s death, she opened up to her “subscribers, in a 40 min boring video where talked non stop about it because she believes” “People don’t take prescription addiction as serious despite it been a mental illness, which she calls a deadly disease …
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It seems Trisha wants her ”fans to feel her pain and asked her followers to have compassion.” “as an addict. Trisha said she has no choice, because she considers her addictions as a ”disease” which she physically and emotionally can’t live without,” ..

  • Trisha Paytas, also struggles with Food Addiction , Tanning Addictions and many other addictions too numerous to mention. After her recent back _pain the infamous You-tuber jumped into the band wagon of taking Percocet and apparently she is also using ”recreation marijuana” to help easy her back pain. Hmm!

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