Trisha Paytas Is A Bully WHO Uses Her ”Terrorist Fishes” To Attack Her Victims.

By Celeb De'la Cream Magazine
Apr 24th, 2016

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Trisha Paytas is a Bully who uses her ”Mob_Fishes” Attack for her own gain. We have exclusive video below where Wendy Lee speaks out after EXPOSING Trisha’s  Lies. One of  her other victims Daniel E. Carroll also expressed how he is on the verge of Contemplating Suicide.

  • Trish is a mob boss who has on many occasion used her brainless ”Fishes” to attack and harass her victims on social media. She gets away with murder, because she is one of  the ”top youtubers” who is  shamelessly tolerated by shitty YouTube  just beecause of  her huge adsense revenue that obviously lands in Google’s pockets.

exclusive details

Bullying Proof: Even though Sean was a sleazy and unsavory dude, he was also bullied by Trisha Paytas. Sean Van Der Wilt was one of  the many ex-boyfriends and victims who were  mercilessly abused by Trisha and her Mob Fishes who called him all sort of  homosexual names like: ‘Faggot’, ‘arse bandit’ and the lowest class of Trisha’s Fishes even called him a ‘Queer’ and a ‘Butt Pirate’.

  • This name calling was encouraged by  non other than Trisha Paytas who publicly called him out on her channel. The Break Up was such a humiliating scandal for Sean Van Der Wilt, who was branded a ‘Snake in the grass’ by Trisha Paytas, such that he went into hiding for weeks..

Known for her emotional instability Trisha Paytas used her dramatic tactic yet again by making a video alleging that she was living in fear because she ‘Believes that her stalker/ex friend was out to kill Her’. Trisha then, exposed Daniel E Carrol to her fishes  who as usual flocked to his social media profiles to call him a rapist, a pedophile, and much, much more..
After the Trump Backlash video Trisha Paytas was on the mend so she opted to do a video on her ‘Stalker’ Where she Exposed Daniel E. Carroll for allegedly Stalking her. Close sources said: Trisha Paytas was friends with Daniel for 5 years and when trashy Trisha got bored of Daniel she discarded him  to later on ‘cry wolf’ on him fo stalking her! … talking about fake drama sic!

  • Daniel suffered the wrath of  Trisha’s piranhas aka ”fishes”. Daniel, who was Trisha’s ex best friend was left distraught and he even started contemplating suicide after the Trisha expose’.

The Stalker Expose’ conveniently happened after Trisha’s Trump Backlash..Talk of  ”DEFLECT, DEFLECT! She is known for manipulative tactics… everyone knew Trisha was only doing the ”Stalker video” to divert her subscribers from her ”Trump video” backlash that  lost her  about 30K+ subscribers in less than an hour..
The Infamous Youtuber also Bullied Wendy Lee Off  YouTube For EXPOSING Her Lies. Wendy Lee is a ”Guru Gossiper” who was posting entertainment purposes videos that threatened Trisha Paytas so much that the so called top Youtuber abused her fame to have Wendy’s channel deleted . This was possible because Trisha once again used her Mob fishes to flag the video in question.
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Despite the abuse and bullying that Trisha Paytas is subjecting her Victims to YouTube policy and guidelines  still remain biased on her Harassment, despite Trisha Payta’s continued ”infringement”.  Trisha even posts Abusive videos, comments and attacks  her Victims who get mobbed by her fishes. YouTube has remained silent  when contacted to comment on the matter.
Trisha also Revealed Daniel’s personal information and she even  Maliciously recorded abusive videos towards her Ex boyfriend Sean without his consent. Trisha also posted videos to Deliberately humiliate her ex boyfriend Sean then allowed her mob fishes to Make hurtful and negative comments on the video of him. So what do you think of  Trisha’s bullying saga?

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