Trisha Paytas Trashed and Dumped By Sean Van Der Wilt..

By Celeb De'la Cream Magazine
Mar 25th, 2016

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Trisha Paytas Trashed & dumped By Sean Van Der Wilt  and as you can imagine ” Trisha is now  having ”MAN” drama on her channel as she continues to post videos of  herself sobbing  for losing her man in 30 days and she is now pondering to herself with the ”Why”  can’t  i Keep Man?..
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Trisha was this week back to her old tricks again trolling her fans for all the cash the got for that click.. cache” I am really a big fan of Trish, and i don’t believe she was being used or exploited by Sean. Romour has it. Trisha and Sean agreed to to pretend the were a couple in order to promote a music ”brand deal ” between their Youtube network..
Watch the full story by  clicking the link below..

Trisha was this week back to her old tricks again trolling her fans for all the cash the have got for that click.” I am not really a big fan of   Trish, and I don’t believe she was being used or exploited by Sean. Rumour Has It Trisha and Sean agreed to to pretend the were a couple in order to promote a music brand deal between their you tube network..

  • Watch the Video Above to hear my Thoughts on This Breakup  between Trisha Paytas &  Sean Van Der Wilt…

The sad part is this fake woman is considered a ”role model” by thousands of naive teenagers who don’t know any better. Her fans / fishes even think she is a good person deep down..

Unfortunately, She’s not “All that innocent” and if you think  This Persona called Trish is good person then you are truly a small minded Fishy..Just watching her on You-tube  you can tell  she comes out as a  thieving, lying, racist, sexist bitch who consistently believes that everyone is envious of  her and has absolutely no problem with exploiting others and herself(though I don’t care if she exploits herself, that’s on her) for any amount of  pocket change.

 She is also appears to be a  raging narcissist with at least one, if not more, severe mental issues. It’s obvious that she copies other people’s lifestyles. It goes hand-in-hand with her careers of  the month.. IE: Being an “author”, then being a “model” then being an “actress” then being a “singer” then being a “dancer”… etc..Trisha paytas wants to be anna nicole smith so bad..
Back to the break up:  Sean is doing VERY well out of this whole situation. I mean he’s managed to get a lot out of her in such a short period of time. Music video, driving a G-Wagon, expensive shopping trips and vacations. I noticed in her Vegas video she made a point of mentioning that Sean paid for the food (some cheap pizza and fries) That alone tells you she’s footing the bill for everything else. Seriously how could a ‘man’ let a woman just pay for everything like that? He must feel like a bit of a leech surely? Yah, he’s slimy but shoooooooot… look who he’s using. Couldn’t happen to a better person, .

  • Yeah Seanny, you milk that overfed cow. Milk her good. I’m cheering you on every step of the way.

I think he’s a very clever and ambitious and allegedly a gay man who has seen an opportunity and he took it. whist with trisha. He seemed to fancy himself as some sort of ‘prince of pop’ and is obviously using her for the exposure. (Look at the sloppy kisses, they always look so forced and like its a big joke..
This a truly ”Hollywood soap” and trust me .Trust me,  Sean as a LA Guy he looks the kind that would sell even his  own mothers for an opportunity. Its funny how people say he’s good-looking too, I don’t find him attractive at all. In fact, he actually really scares me. I don’t know if it’s some sort of bad plastic surgery to look young or what but he’s freaky looking.


No doubt-if enough viewers keep unsubscribing from trish’s channel and if this  starts to effect her bank balance, the truth will soon come pouring out in some meltdown video.  

  • Trust me It’s just a matter of time before Trisha will offer expose SEANYYYYY like a sacred pig quicker than you can say Egg McMuffin and no doubt all the fishes will relish in delight telling her the obligatory “we told ya so!”.

“Feed me and tell me i’m pretty”- Trisha Payta’s life motto..Well that’s it for today don’t forget to tell us what you think…

  • CJ

    Sean’s deff gay everyone in our hometown knows it even his family is still dealing with ramifications of his past ?

    • maximilion

      Where is the proof-anyone can say anything.proof is the real evidence-truth be known if he is with Trish then he can’t be gay-hes bisexual.

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