Trisha Paytas’s ”REVENGE” After The BreakUp. She Is Getting BIGGER BOOBS..

By Celeb De'la Cream Magazine
Apr 3rd, 2016

Trisha PAYTAS’S REVENGE”Dancing Again After The Break Up And She IS Even Getting BIGGER BOOBS! Trish’s  Heartache Continues But SEAN VAN DER WILT  still Maintains Total Silence After The Break Up?

  • Today we are going to be Talking about Trisha Paytas. If you follow her on her social media then you know that Trisha is planning to get bigger boobs..No wonder Sean ran for the hills!!! Lol. The Infamous You-tuber just broke up with her boyfriend of One month after he text her on the phone and told her it’s over.. What a douchebag.. who dumps a Girlfriend by text?..

It’s no wonder trisha is having a BREAKDOWN” she has so far made videos of her self sobbing and looking a hot mess..All signs of a break up..It’s no wonder she wants to expand her implants..

  •  Yesterday in order to Fix her heartache Trisha released a dance video with Andrew Pirozzi as form of revenge. The Duo were dancing to Avril Lavigne’s song called my happy ending ..And honestly speaking ” I don’t think this little act will fix that huge hole in Trisha’s  heart”.. This on going Drama just reminds me of my old favorite song ”Some broken hearts never mend.

Hmm someone in this picture reminds me of a ”hippo chilling in a Fishy river. Just picturing this hippo gives me giggles. Haha!. 

  • Anyway back to Boobs. Trisha has been acting erratic and like many women breakups usually, bring worst in them , such that some women resort to chopping their hair  off or slim down to skinny bitch but not Trisha she has opted to modify her body by getting bigger boobs and lip injections..Way to go trish.

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What do you think GossipRazzi Should  Trisha Paytas enhance her boob Implants? Comment below.

  • Meanwhile, Sean has maintained silence throughout the break up but he did make a statement by appearing with mysterious woman in hot tub..

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This infuriated Trisha such that she posted a video entitled ”kevin ferdeline will never be Britney spears.. The shade of it all.. Trisha’s delusions is beyond comprehension because this woman even thinks she Britney Spears.
Well that’s it for today.. You are welcome to share your views on Trisha’s continuing train wreck saga..

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