Youtube MISCARRIAGE Click Bait Controversy! AprilJustinTV, SamAndNia & Sacconejolys Accused of Baiting Views

By Celeb De'la Cream Magazine
Jun 3rd, 2016
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Youtube miscarriage controversy: AprilJustinTV , SamAndNia as well as the Sacconejolys accused of  using miscarriage as a “Click Bait”. Did they really Fake It? Get More Juicy Celeb & YouTube Gossip at CelebDelaCreamTv.

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Formalities and pleasantries out of the way lets get started! AprilJustinTV were the latest couple to be accused of faking a miscarriage on YouTube.  Looks like April and Justin are going through a tough year already from people stalking Justine’s workplace and now April being accused of faking a miscarriage. First of all when i watched ”April and Justin” I didn’t find them to be a ‘dishonest type’ of a couple and in my opinion I don’t think they are capable of faking a miscarriage. On the other hand it’s quite understandable why some might be suspecting foul play, after all its not that hard! All you have to say is that you’ve had a miscarried and maybe add a couple of emotional statements for the effect. It is truly sad that just because of a few bad apples on YouTube, that have allegedly faked miscarriages, many innocent family vloggers are now suspected of this shameless act.

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Though they say ‘never judge a book by it’s cover’, in my personal view of the couple, April and Justin seem to be very ”positive” and as a mother I can’t imagine any mother least of all April faking a miscarriage just to get views. But Unfortunately, YouTube is now a ”money business” hence anybody, can be easily tempted to do just about anything to make that penny. It’s really ‘despicable’ and it amazes me how ‘click baits’ are now a thing on YouTube. Everyone wants to be on top I suppose!

  • The miscarriage ‘click bait’ became a trend – sadly to say. After  the ”Sam and Nia’s pregnancy announcement and Miscarriage. The couple’s controversial miscarriage saga and cheating scandal exposed them as wolves in sheep’s clothing and just in case you missed it … let me fill you in!

Here is  what I call ‘Sam And Nia’s Pregnancy Timeline’: First of all, The world fell in love with the married couple when Sam filmed himself telling Nia, 26 that she was expecting their third child after he secretly tested her urine which was left ‘unflushed’ in the toilet. The video immediately, went viral and has so far  received more than 16.6m views, this propelled the couple to instant you tube stardom and to add some cherry on top they were best known as the ‘God loving family’. They were deemed by the media as ‘the perfect family on YouTube’. Unfortunately, the couple lives changed when speculations started that they faked the pregnancy and later the Miscarriage. After romours swirled their happiness of  the ‘viral couple’ went down hill literally.
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Three days after the ‘pregnancy announcement video’ was shared, Sam and Nia revealed that they lost their baby after suffering a miscarriage. In the video titled: Our Baby Had A Heartbeat, the couple explained that: while they were devastated about the sudden loss, they were seeking comfort through their faith in God. Later on Sam said: “I just hope this video continues to be a way for God to shine his light through us.”
However, the general feeling towards Sam and Nia soured when the couple attributed their sudden boost in subscribers to the miscarriage, writing: “Our tiny baby brought 10 m views to our video & 100k new people into our lives. It turned our life around & brought us closer together.”  Do you see what I mean? Misfortune is a fortune for many YouTube sleazies 🙂
The last couple who raised a few eyebrows were the sacconejolys who were called out for ”milking the miscarriage” by yours truly. This was as a result of  the  twitter post by Jonathan on the day he broke the ”miscarriage sad news” I was surprised to see Jonathan thanking his followers for making him trend on #twitter. For the uninitiated in the workings of  the social media,”trending” directly means the more people will see their video and more money will lands in their pocket from advertising revenue and here is a moral question to You my dear readers.. Would you in that  saddest moment in your life think about trending, about money..Honestly, I  don’t want to put words in Jonathan’s mouth, here is what he tweeted and duly deleted twit afterwards after being called out … I quote:
This puzzled a lot of of people who wondered how would a man who just lost a ”baby at  11 weeks”  be talking about trending on twitter?. Some viewers found the twitter feed to be in bad taste and that was only the beginning of more bizarre social activities on twiter, YouTube and snap chat. As if the twit wasn’t enough  Anna did a snap-chat that fueled even more fire where she gave a sort of nonchalant sounding chat about losing her baby.

  • The mother of two was criticized for not showing any sort of emotions during her bereavement. Anna was ‘red carpet glammed up’ on her snap-chat  and it seems not a tear was shed. She told her followers that she may appear ‘cold hearted’ – not my words hers – with how she was portraying herself  simply because she has already dealt with her miscarriage… well that makes sense now.

After a backlash of their social activities the couple later clarified that people grief differently and they continued to vlog as usual on their family vlog channel and as fate could have it the couple made quite a killing from the misfortune.. YouTube analytics reports show that after the miscarriage Anna and Jonathan earned approximately 2500 pounds from the miscarriage video alone… that’s a lot and this  bothered some folks who thought  that money made from misfortune is like ”blood money” but that is just a different view because most of the Sacconejolys  fans congratulated them for capitalizing on the ‘bad publicity’. Anna was deemed to be the strongest woman in the world by her fans. Kudos to her for moving on after losing the baby. Usually most women will be off ‘social media’ soaking and sobbing, after the miscarriage 24/7′ so we really recommend the sacconejolys for posting ”daily vlogs” during this difficult time.
PAY UP: What happens when you share miscarriage with the world. Highlighted 7th of May 2016 ,the  sacconejolys cashed in on the bad news.On the other hand, I personally had a clash, with the  Sacconejoly’s  after  i criticized  the couple, for not staying off social media to take time to mourn. That was my opinion, unfortunately,  I was accused of  being a ”vile woman”  by many of their supporters – which is really NOT  that bad, considering, that I was only 10% of my usual bitchy self. I don’t regret exposing and telling the sacconejolys the truth to stop ‘milking it’ and yes i meant every word because i found their social media activity on the day they announced the  miscarriage as bad taste

As you may know the sacconejolys did not take my opinion laying down. Shortly after i dared to question their motives in my video that is posted on my YouTube channel CelebdelacreamTv Mr Jonathan posted video titled ‘I need help’ in which he described how his wife and him are affected by the ‘noise’ that surrounds them referring to bad rep and comments made by many dissatisfied people on their channel. Following that was nothing else but recruiting speech targeted at getting their fans to give  ‘praize and support’ in hopes of cheering Anna up and indirectly pointing attention of their fans at people who make the ‘noise’ without naming them. What followed was mass response from their gullible subscribers targeting any ill wisher  on the internet including me. One wonders, who is more ‘vile’ me for expressing opinion about them and criticizing their behavior or them for banking out on their misfortune? I mean, this is just a figure of speech 🙂 After vigorously, posting twits about their miscarriage  the Sacconejoly’s were trending big time on twitter that particular day … talk of  any ”Publicity” is good Publicity.

  • I know that the truth hurt the saconnejoly’s but it’s CelebdelacreamTv’s responsibility to call out and expose sleazy ‘Top YouTubers’ who can sometimes ‘get away with murder’ just because they have a massive following of fans and as many of them are genuinely nice people I cannot help to shake the feeling that some are gullible brainwashed puppets who would follow and worship their ‘masters’ without any question, simply because they consider these top you tubers as idols. Idolatry is dangerous and  to question is to seek out the truth!  As  a  journalist, I  will not be silenced and with freedom of  speech i will nail those that think they can silence me, so the likes of sacconejolys can further their dubious means of  deceiving the public with their corrupt ways.

What many people don’t yet realize is that ”most top YouTubers make millions, out of innocent victims who get scammed into believing that everything they say and do is gospel truth! It is not! Be vigilant be doubtful, question and don’t believe anything you watch and read do your own research. With increasing views and clicks more money making schemes are on the rise. Most YouTubers commercialize themselves to fool the masses by marketing themselves as Good Innocent Brands yet they are discreet about how much they are actually making from YouTube.

  • Therefore, it’s our responsibility to question anyone, who is on YouTube for click baits, after all they are public figures who have influence over their loyal fans who blindly follow them because they believe them … scary!

Well gossiper razzis  I said my piece, now it’s your turn.. What do you think of  latest miscarriage controversy on youtube . Do you think it’s morally right to monetize a miscarriage videos?

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    For the past month (at least), Jonathan SacconeJoly has been using his old click-bait titles every single day to try to make people think their newest victim *ahem* baby has been born. Every. Single. Day. He’s cashing in on the poor thing before it’s even been born.

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