Zoella’s underwear snapshot Controversy |Attention Seeking Zoe Angers Her Fans.

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Mar 26th, 2016

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Zoella’s underwear snapshot Controversy |Attention Seeking Zoe Angers Her Fans On Snapshots.
 I haven’t bothered watching Zoe’s vlogs lately, but i got the gist of it from what’s been said around the computer land. Hence I was not surprised when i heard she posed in a kelvin blah blah underwear because  this is just typical of  Zoe sugg who likes to sell brands to mindless fans who just jump when she tells them to.

This woman is greedy cow who wants the best of both worlds and acting like a poor little rich girl. Sure, she’ll happily take the millions of pounds, the constant praise and adulation, the constant stream of free stuff pouring through her door. But she’ll still find things to complain about.

  • This girl is a master manipulator who is an expert in shirking on her responsibilities and making people feel sorry for her. I’d bet it has something to do with her 26th birthday fast approaching, and feeling threatened  that she’ll soon be too old to be making the big bucks on Youtube. She knows the only way is down

snapshot_003Zoella posted a VERY revealing selfie of herself in bed wearing only her knickers – unfortunately for Zoe her loyal fans were not impressed at all ,,

  • One mother even asked the YouTube star to remove the provoking photo stating her 15 year old dota is her fan hence she should set a good example..

The attention seeking You-tuber’s ”Bridget Jones” underwear even made it in the trashy TABLOID The daily mail. The must be having a slow press day when crap like this makes it to the headlines.

  • Zoella ,WHO IS 25, posed in her pants for Snap-chat shot at the weekend . Zoella – Whose real name is Zoe Sugg – wore a pair of black Calvin Klein lingerie in a revealing shot.

The YouTube D.list ”Star” Captioned her photo with cheesy nite nit! word and a string of ‘ZZZZs’ , The controversial  image was posted to a social media site snap chat, for everyone to see. In my opinion i think that’s a bit desperate is Zoe and i’m just wondering is ZOE becoming an attention hoe.. and is  fame getting to her hard…What happened to been squeaky clean?

  • The reason why everyone is mad is because Zoe is 25? years and the problem here is she acts 15 and her fan base are largely between 11-16 they see her as one of  them not a 25 yo and the try to copy everything she does and she is well aware of this it’s how she makes her click money .

Zoe  Usually pretends to be polished and squeaky clean and i’m guessing this photo is just a Calvin Klein brand deal after-all  Zoe is not all that innocent and She’s makes money out of manipulating the naivety of her fans.

  • Let’s not forget this same woman pretended to write a book and even after the truth came out she still won’t admit it and went and sold a second book pretending that she wrote it when she didn’t.

Zoe’s soul called ‘fans’ are just money signs to her and she has no problem exploiting them. She is no role model. for more YouTuber Gossip, News & Scandals visit CelebdelacreamTv. You’re are welcome to tell us your views in the comment section below..

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